‘We need to vote for and not against’ says French Ex-Justice Minister at Rally

Over 1500 people were at the rally to support the presidential candidate Benoit Hamon. Christiane Taubira, ex-Justice Minister held the rally in Nantes on the 7th of April. During this rally she repeated the words of Hamon ‘we need to vote for and not against’ referring to the tendency of a ‘useful’ vote by backing the favourites as he is behind his rivals Le Pen, Fillon, Macron and Melenchon.  

The candidate she supports, the socialist candidate Benoit Hamon has lately lost 2 points in an opinion poll and fell to 8 per cent, 10 points less than his left-wing rival Jean Luc Melenchon of the ‘Front de Gauche’ who has gained 3 pointed achieving 18 per cent.

In her speech, the ex-justice minister denounced a ‘meaningless, with no dignity, with pathetic diversions’ electoral campaign refereeing to ‘Les Republicains’ candidate Fillon and the Leader of the Far right party ‘Le Front National’ Le Pen.

taubira photo

Talking about overseas French territories she particularly refers to Macron who wrongfully claimed French Guyana was an island ‘from all these territories there is one which is not an island’. She continued later on, still referring to the ‘En Marche’ candidate ‘he threw in the same basket the 10 of May 1981 and the 6th of February 1934’, she claimed ‘it is not ignorance any more, it is an insult’.

Benoit Hamon did not attend his rally but one of his biggest supporters Christiane Taubira held the rally for the socialist candidate. In the rally Mrs Taubira held, many MPs, members of the local government and parliament were here to support Hamon. She held several rallies all around France, in Pau, Creil, Saint-Gaudens following this rally, many more are planed with her as the main speaker, ambassador to maximise the chances of Benoit Hamon.

Christiane Taubira was the minister of justice from 2012 to 2016, she defended same sex marriage law, also called ‘Taubira Law’, which have been approved in 2013. She has been attacked multiple times by the far right about the law and her ethnicity.

©Credits FINES News/Ines Abdelli


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