French presidential elections: Poutou attacks Le Pen and Fillon

 Almost three weeks away from the French presidential elections a historical debate took place with the 11 candidates all in the same studios. Phillipe Poutou of the New Anti-capitalist Party said “Since January it’s just been a great campaign… Fillon, the more we dig, the more corruption there is, the more cheating there is, they try to explain to us austerity but they take from taxpayers’ money” he continued, “there is no parliamentary immunity workers” addressing Mrs Le Pen . This has been the first debate with all 11 candidates united.


Poutou continued through the debate, referring then to Mrs Le Pen “when you’re summoned by police, you go. There is no workers’ immunity”. He attacked Le Pen over another scandal in which she used her immunity as EU lawmaker to refuse to go to police over allegations she faced. She has been accused by the European parliament of paying her own party staff with EU funds which should be spend on European parliamentary assistants. EU parliament demanded Mrs Le Pen to pay back 340,000€ (£290,168).

Regarding his comments on Fillon, Poutou referred to the highly controversial Fake Job scandal involving his British born wife, Penelope Fillon, and her indictment to which Fillon responded “I’ll take you to court for that”.

The debate has been highly commented on social media  with some tweets being re-tweeted over a 1000 times. The hashtag #LeGrandDebat was on top tendencies in France during the whole evening. There were with high responses over the polemical sentence of Marine Le Pen “France has become a university for jihadists”. And, many more reacting about Phillip Poutou’s attacks on Le Pen and Fillon considering him as the spokesperson of the people.


screnshot 3©Twitter Screenshots

Bolchegeek @Bolchegeek

‘We have to be honest:  we don’t care about #Poutou ‘s score. He is here

to communicate his ideas. And tonight he did it magnificently #LeGrandDebat ”

screen©Twitter Screenshot

NISSA @Banzai06

#Poutou: Marine Le Pen you are against Europe but you took money from EU funds


screenshot article 1©Twitter Screenshot

mangez des zalgues @daphne…

I’ve done this blingee to summarize this debate #LeGrandDebat ”

National Press has also highly reacted about the debate claiming “factory worker Poutou emerges star of TV debate”.

This debate took place three weeks’ prior the first round presidential elections which will take place on the 23rd of April. Another debate is programmed for the 20th of April but it is highly unlikely the debate will reunite all the 11 candidates. This debate has highly divided public opinion and, as the date to chose the next president is closer, so are the doubts on who will fulfil the role.

©Photo Credits BFM TV/CNews


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