St Peter’s Mancroft lacks funds to create bell ringing school

It has been over two years that the appeal of a bell ringing school has been launched by St Peter’s Mancroft, with £400 000 to be raised to enable the project to exist. Yet, when contacted, the church’s office said the ‘Mancroft appeal 300 is still on process and £380 000 is needed at the moment.

One of the organisers, Simon Rudd, in a 2015 BBC interview said East Anglia boast hundreds of churches with bell towers. He continued “There are lots of bells but not enough ringers”.

This fundraising is still in process, even after two years St Peter Mancroft has raised the

appeal. The necessity to train people is raised by Rudd “Our bells are notoriously difficult to ring and it is difficult to train people here”. The hope to remedy to this issue is only through the creation of this school.

But, there is not any future event being organised to resolve the issue and neither there is enough publicity granted to fundraise more. Tanilla, a young professional says “Oh wow, I’m impressed, I didn’t know anything about this project and I wish I had earlier”.

Yet, St Peter Mancroft is described to be the best locations to host the school as it is ideally situated in city centre, in front of the forum and also as it has a strong history as one of the eldest churches in Norwich. Richard Turk, who manages the project has been unreachable to answer any questions about the project.


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