“I am delighted to send my very best wishes to everyone celebrating Diwali, a festival which holds such significance for so many people” -Theresa May (30/10/2016)

“I won’t force companies to appoint workers to their boards” -Theresa May (21/11/2016)

“Last night in Sweden” – Donald Trump (18/02/2017)

“We already miss you”- Donald Tusk on Brexit, PM Theresa May triggering article 50 (29/03/2017)

“Surprised by the tone of comments coming out of Britain” about Gibraltar -Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis (3/04/2017)

Regular posts !


Wonder what ‘FINES news’ means ?

The 19th century writer George Borrow has described Norwich as ‘a Fine city’. The name of this blog is a combination between my name (Ines) and George Borrow’s description of Norwich -which is still highly used to describe the city. This is a blog in which I post news. I’m a trainee journalist at the University of East Anglia, located in Norwich UK.


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